1989-1990 - Philharmonia Northwest
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Concert I, 22 Oct 1989 Robin Ann Carlson, flute
  Prokofiev Classical Symphony  
  Reincke Flute Concerto  
  Beethoven Symphony No. 6  
Concert II, 10 Dec 1989 Linda Melsted, violin
Rachel Swerdlow, viola
  Stravinsky Suite No. 2  
  W. Mozart Sinfonia Concertante  
  Beethoven Symphony No. 8  
Concert III, 25 Feb 1990 Mary Kantor, clarinet
  Shakarian Whimsy  
  W. Mozart Clarinet Concerto  
  Mendelssohn Symphony No. 1  
Concert IV, 22 Apr 1990 Joan Lundquist, piano
  Nicolai The Merry Wives of Windsor  
  W. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 19  
  Stravinsky Jeu de Cartes