1999-2000 - Philharmonia Northwest
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Concert I, 24 Oct 1999 Northwest Chamber Chorus
  J. C. Bach Sinfonia in G  
  J. S. Bach Magnificat  
  W. Mozart Symphony No. 40  
Concert II, 5 Dec 1999 Holly Keinath Eckert, violin
Rich Eckert, cello
  Busoni Lustspiel-Ouverture  
  Brahms Double Concerto  
  Schubert Symphony No. 5  
Concert III, 13 Feb 2000 Jeffrey Cohan, flute
  W. Mozart Magic Flute Overture  
  Smith Flute Concerto  
  Mendelssohn Symphony No. 5  
Concert IV, 2 Apr 2000 Robert Silverman, piano
  Borchert sweet wines and wines that foam  
  Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1  
  Brahms Symphony No. 2