2004-2005 - Philharmonia Northwest
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Concert I, 17 Oct 2004 Byron Schenkman, piano
  L. Larsson   Lyric Fantasy  
  W. Mozart   Piano Concerto No. 11, K. 413  
  F. Haydn   Symphony No. 77  
Concert II, 21 Nov 2004 Ron and Roxanne Patterson, violin and viola
  N. Resnicek Donna Diana Overture  
  W. Mozart Sinfonie Concertante  
  Z. Fibich Symphony No. 3  
Concert III, 6 Feb 2005 Diane Radabaugh, alto
  E. Humperdinck Hänsel and Gretel Prelude  
  G. Mahler Kindertotenlieder  
  J. Brahms Symphony No. 3  
Concert IV, 6 Mar 2005 Les Martin, guest conductor; Steve McComas, clarinet
  F. Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture  
  J. Mahon Clarinet Concerto  
  L. Beethoven Symphony No. 1  
Concert V, 17 Apr 2005 Juliet McComas, piano
  A. Bird March Miniature  
  W. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 25  
  B. Martinů Sinfonietta La Jolla