2007-2008 - Philharmonia Northwest
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Concert I, 7 October 2007 Jeff Cohan, flute
  A. Dvořák In Nature’s Realm  
  R. Shakarian Flute Concerto  
  F. Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3  
Concert II, 11 November 2007 Rachel Matthews, piano
  G. Bizet Jeux D’Enfants  
  W. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 13  
  C. Gounod Symphony No. 1  
Concert III, 10 February 2008 Victoria Parker, violin
  R. Wagner Flying Dutchman Overture  
  R. Shakarian Violin Concerto  
  R. Strauss Wind Serenade  
  P. Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture  
Concert IV, 9 March 2008 Mike Woolf, tuba
  R. Vaughn Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis  
  C. Hübler Concerto for Four Horns and Orchestra  
  R. Vaughn Williams Tuba Concerto  
  A. Dvořák Noon Witch  
Concert V, 13 Apr 2008 David Shimoni, piano
  C. Weber Der Freischütz Overture  
  W. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20  
  R. Schumann Symphony No. 1 “Spring”