Family Concert Program “Notes”

When Dr. Seuss Meets Charlie Brown – A Family Concert
Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 2pm
Town Hall – 1119 8th Ave Seattle, WA 98101

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Program Notes
by Claudia Jensen and Bradley Clem

Let’s come to a concert, the family, together
In all kinds of clothing and all kinds of weather.
We don’t have just two things, Thing One and Thing Two,
In fact, we have three things to offer to you!

We’ll hear music for dancing where we can all flock,
Starting with Paris and Jacques Offenbach.
So kick up your heels when the Can-Can begins,
And dance in the aisles till your head starts to spin!

Next comes the story of Seussian Sneetches,
Who argue about who’s the best on the beaches;
Star-Bellies, Plain-Bellies, or Bellies we don’t know,
To music composed by Lorenzo Palomo.

So sit by the stage to hear Mister McBean
And his Star-On and Star-Off and Star-On Machine.
You’ll  learn what the orchestra learns every day
That each lovely instrument’s the greatest to play!

And then we meet Snoopy and Charlie Brown, too,
With the fun, jazzy sounds of the whole Peanuts crew.
Vince Guaraldi’s the writer, arrangement by Tunney,
They’ll show you a lot of good fun that is funny!

Jeffrey Biegel, not Linus, will play the piano,
Hitting the notes, both low and soprano.
You’ll know the music, from home or TV,
Scoot up to the stage to be sure you can see!

So get out your dancing shoes, ready to fly
With Philharmonia Northwest and Julia Tai,
And dance in the aisles at Seattle’s Town Hall
With this concert for families, for one and for all!