Throughout its 40+ year history, Philharmonia Northwest has been committed to premiering new music by extraordinary living composers.  It is critical to the lifeblood of our musical community that we support the composition and performance of new musical works of art that will reflect our life and times for future generations.

In order to promote new music, Philharmonia Northwest has established a commissioning group – Patrons for New Music! Members of this group contribute to the creation of one new work per year. The piece will be selected by our Music Director, with input from Patrons.

As a part of the program, Patrons will periodically hear about the progress of the composition directly from the composer, and will meet the composer or a notable performer at a private gathering with other Patrons.

We will be working on commissioning a new piece to celebrate our 50th season, and plan to premiere this new piece in Autumn 2025. More details to come.

You can join Patrons for New Music for an annual donation of at least $250 (and we ask for a three year commitment to this great initiative).

Please help us bring new works to life by becoming a Patron for New Music today!