Exhilaration Program Notes

by Claudia Jensen and Bradley Clem The theme of exhilaration runs throughout this concert, beginning with the opening fanfares by Giovanni Gabrieli, who explored, famously and joyfully, the sonic possibilities of a performance space, which is, in a sense, exactly what Philharmonia Northwest is doing in

Reminiscence Program Notes

Program Notes by Claudia Jensen and Bradley Clem Julia has put together a lovely program around the theme of Reminiscences, featuring works that evoke ideas of memory and recollection. But the composers featured here, like all artists, were also pushing boundaries within this retrospective frame, working

Family Concert Program “Notes”

When Dr. Seuss Meets Charlie Brown – A Family Concert Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 2pm Town Hall - 1119 8th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 Tickets and info: https://philharmonianw.org/19-20season/concert-ii-family-concert/ Program Notes by Claudia Jensen and Bradley Clem Let’s come to a concert, the family, together In all kinds of clothing and all

Songs of Life Program Notes

by Bradley Clem and Claudia Jensen   Reedbird Emily Doolittle b. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1972 Composer Emily Doolittle shares her thoughts about Reedbird, her work for winds and brass: “The bobolink, also known as a “reedbird,” is a small New World blackbird found across North America. Its song is fast,

Haydn’s Creation Program Notes

by Dr. Justin Henderlight In 1751, Joseph Haydn’s situation took a turn when his voice changed, and the choirmaster at the Vienna cathedral dismissed him not only for his shattered singing abilities, but also for his unruly behavior. Somewhat destitute, Haydn found work with Nicola Porpora

East Meets West Program Notes

by Claudia Jensen and Bradley Clem Gateways (2018 ‒ 2019)                                                                                                           Dorothy Chang b. Winfield, Illinois, 1970 Philharmonia Northwest’s “East Meets West” concert invites us to experience music of different cultures through many prisms, a continuation of our season-long exploration of the meanings of place as expressed through music. Dorothy Chang’s

Interview with Ervin Luka Sešek

Philharmonia Northwest is thrilled to welcome Ervin Luka Sešek, violin, as the soloist for our January 27th concert. For more information about that concert please CLICK HERE! PNW: How did you get your start in music? ELS: I was born into a family of 2 violinists so

Bohemian Rhapsodie Program Notes

by Claudia Jensen and Brad Clem In our concerts this season, especially in our Taiwanese exploration, “Ilha Formosa,” and in our upcoming “East Meets West” program, Julia has curated a survey of national expression in music, and we engage with these ideas today. Does a composer have

Seattle Sounds Program Notes

by Bradley Clem and Claudia Jensen   Sarah Bassingthwaighte Born: March 29, 1967, Rochester, Minnesota Sleeping in the Forest – World Premiere (2018) We are delighted to open our concert with a world premiere, Sleeping in the Forest, a symphonic poem by composer Sarah Bassingthwaighte, commissioned for Philharmonia Northwest. The

Interview with composer Sarah Bassingthwaighte

Philharmonia Northwest is thrilled to be giving the world premiere of Sarah Bassingthwaighte's new piece Sleeping in the Forest on November 18, 2018. More information about that concert can be found HERE. PNW: What is your origin story?/What brought you to music as your career? SB: Like