Concert III Outreach

Ballard-HS_Chamber-OrchestraPhilharmonia Northwest is proud to welcome students of the Ballard High School Chamber Orchestra to this Sunday’s performance. Led by Brittany Newel and Allison Kanter, these thirteen students join Philharmonia Northwest in Dvorak’s Nocturne in B major, op. 40, as part of our Outreach Program. The Ballard High School Music Program includes over 300 students who participate in concert bands, concert choirs, chamber and symphonic orchestras, percussion and jazz ensembles. In 2015, the Ballard Chamber Orchestra was selected as one of the nation’s top ten high school chamber orchestras to perform at the 2016 National Festival. The Ballard students performing today would like to express their gratitude to Philharmonia Northwest, and to Julia Tai, for this enriching performance opportunity.

dance-fremontPhilharmonia Northwest is also proud to welcome students of Dance Fremont’s composition class to today’s performance. Led by Mary Kay Bisignano-Vadino, these nineteen students join Philharmonia Norhtwest in SibeliusValse Triste, op.44, no.1, as part of our Outreach Program The choreography for Valse Triste was created collaboratively by the Composition class at Dance Fremont. The class, drawn from Dance Fremont’s advanced students, introduces different compositional methods for dance, and gives the students the opportunity to choreograph their own dances. To create the choreography for Valse Triste, they started by listening repeatedly to the music and brainstorming ideas about what it made them see and feel. They learned about the intention of the music, and refined their goals of what they wanted to see as an end product. Then they divided into small groups, each coming up with individual elements of the choreography. Finally, they combined and interwove their individual sections, building a structure that reflected the changing moods of the music while maintaining the thematic through lines that the music has.